Gerry Anderson, M.Sc., CPA, CMA

Logicon Solutions
President and Founder
(289) 276-0075 ext. 301

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Gerry Anderson, M.Sc., CPA, CMA, President and founder of Logicon Solutions, has over 25 years of experience specializing in spreadsheet automation, database development, process automation, and analytics with clients across the USA and Canada. Gerry received his master’s in Management Science and began his career in public accounting at Price Waterhouse. He is an expert in project accounting specializing in billing, reporting, and automation. Gerry is also a seasoned user of the BQE CORE platform.

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Our team of experts includes professional accountants, developers, accounting specialists, process experts and business model gurus. Together, we work to help organizations transform their people, processes and technology to drive growth and increase the bottom line. We are passionate about helping you do more in less time so you can enjoy life to the fullest.